Music Photography

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Music photography is both technically challenging and very rewarding, and I love it. You usually have three songs in the “pit” and you’re finished. This is okay if you are photographing a band or artist that takes their time, but if it’s a punk band performing 2 minute wonders it can be a very intense 6 minutes of your life.

You have to “deliver the shot”, that’s what you’re there for.

Over the years I have “delivered the shot” for bands directly, PR companies, press and picture agencies worldwide. From Ash, The Damned, Ed Sheeran, New Model Army, OK Go to Zodiac Mindwarp… I’ve been there, done that, and taken the photograph.

From a small intimate gig to a major festival, I will (subject to availability of course) cover your performance or event. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

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